Does your child listen to you less than they should?

If you feel yourself yelling too much and worry you're losing control of your ability to rein things in, this course is for you.

While the frustration is real, the solution lies in better communication. By learning to give better directions, increasing compliance at home, and discovering new parenting strategies, you’ll be able to improve the relationship with your child and support their social development more effectively.
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Course Curriculum

What's Cover Inside This Course

  • 1

    Introduction to "Why Won't My Child Listen?"

    • Introduction to Course

  • 2

    Parent, Child, and Environmental Factors

    • Video on Parent, Child and Environment

    • Questions for Reflection

  • 3

    Targeting Specific Behaviors

    • Video on Targeting Specific Behaviors

    • Targeting Behaviors document

    • Rules and Expectations document

  • 4

    Effective Strategies

    • Effective Strategies Video

    • Effective Strategies Document

  • 5

    Behavior Plans

    • Behavior Plans Video

    • Behavior Plans Document

  • 6

    Conclusions and Final Thoughts

    • Concluding Thoughts

Ready To Understand Why Your Child Isn't Listening & Discover Practical Tools and Strategies?

Let's get you on the path to better listening in your home.